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A repeat student recently said...

by Arielle Bayaert

Roxane, I listened to the interview yesterday night. Wonderful! And I loved how you talked about our group💙💙. You know how grateful I am to you, how much I learned from your classes, and let me tell you that I also learned a real lot in the class on abstract art quilts! It would be fantastic to meet you in person, and if we do it as a group, that would be even more fantastic 🤞🤞. Let me tell you that during Toronto SAQA Conference, in one of the meetings in which we all sat around big tables, each table had a question referring to our art quilt experiences. In one of the tables the question was more or less as follows: name a teacher that influenced you and explain why. Let me tell you that your name appeared in big capital letters on that table! 😘😘


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