Donna's finished piece


by Donna Carly Folberth

Finished! ….all painters & quilters…..Textile painting + Quilting combined as taught by Roxane Lessa of Joyful Art Quilting was a really fun and educational online class. You will work with a professional (ballet, dance, painting AND quilt) who answers every question and helps you every step of the way. We learned how to paint fabric, how to use fabrics & other materials to create different effects, how to free motion quilt, and how to finish your quilt with a facing technique. I’m a newbie at best. It Will be fun to do additional textile quilting with some of my favorite Colorado and North Carolina happy place memories!

Another beautiful version

"Wonderful class from a wonderful teacher! Will definitely take another class from her! Easy to understand! If you are new to Art Quilting, you will love this class!"

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Ocean Sunset Photo

    3. Gathering Supplies

    4. Making Your Master Pattern

    5. Make a Freezer Paper Copy

    6. The Importance of Value: A Bonus Lessaon

    7. Zoom lesson #1

    1. Using Misty Fuse to Construct Your Piece

    2. Choosing Fabrics- the Fun Part!

    3. Using Saral to Mark Your Details

    4. Putting the pieces together

    5. Zoom Lesson #2

    1. Assignment # 2: 3 Apples Practice Piece

    2. Intro to Textile Painting: Practicing on Apples

    1. Adding Pieces to Your Foreground

    2. Zoom lesson #3

    1. Simple Textile Painting

    2. Using Inktense Blocks to Mix Your Own Paint

    3. Painting Skies & Water

    4. Next Steps: Evaluate & Heat Set the Paint

    5. Ocean sunset Painting Part 1

    6. Ocean sunset Part 2

    7. Ocean sunset Part 3

    8. Ocean sunset Part 4

    9. Zoom lesson #4

    1. Prepping Your Quilt Top for Quilting

    2. Blocking

    3. Finishing Edges

    4. Zoom Lesson #5

    5. My Quilting

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content


Roxane Lessa

The Art Quilter's Coach Roxane Lessa

Roxane was a professional ballet dancer in her youth. Now she enjoys creating movement with color, line, and shapes, using textiles as her muse. She has exhibited her work in many group and solo shows abroad and in the US. Known as The Art Quilter's Coach, Roxane specializes in coaching quilters to master design so they can make their own amazing art quilts. Her 3-D Textile Painting technique (copyright) was featured in Quilting Arts Mag. Dec/Jan 2014, and Quilting Arts TV, Series 1500. Roxane has been a BERNINA ambassador, and recently won a First Place Ribbon for her pictorial art quilt, Wisteria Wonder at the prestigious Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. She has also taught And lectured for 2 years at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Oh, and she still loves to dance!

What My Students are Saying From Other Classes with Me

First time making an art quilt....

This has been my very first art quilt and I feel so happy to have attended this class!! I got confidence to be able to do my own patterns, and that's absolutely wonderful. So many new things learnt and discovered! Thank you sooo much, Roxane! It has been great! Just for the people who have doubts: I was a complete newbie in this in June 2020 when I enrolled in Roxane's first online group, and I had a limited experience in traditional quilting. The best way to summarize it is: So happy! I very highly recommend her!!! I made two additional courses with her, and I am now totally involved in art quilting. ~Arielle Bayeart

JoAnne's First Piece

My project for Roxane’s Art Quilting Design class. My eagle is part fabric collage, part fabric painting, part thread enhanced. Our class is almost over and I wish I could have Roxane Lessa as a coach every week! I highly recommend Roxane Lessa as a teacher, I learned so much from her! ~JoAnne Harris Hoffman

Bernice Keller

Just completed in an online introduction to art quilting class. Techniques: commercial fabric, painted clouds and to fade the wind boards, thread painted flowers and seeds. Photo credit to Allison Delday Sarauer. If you want to take a class, I highly recommend this teacher.

Deborah's Second Piece

Hope you all like the finished product! When I was looking for what I wanted to work on with Roxane and the group I choose this picture. Little did I know my daughter Andrea took it this past summer. ~Deborah Toscano

Here's what Ingrid Had to Say

It has been such a privilege to learn with you all during this class. Thank you Roxane for your excellent teaching, encouraging nudges and to all of you for sharing so generously and being cheerleaders for each other. This is indeed a special community. Hope you all continue to enjoy creating and please post your progress, your play pieces and your big pieces. Hope we can Zoom together in a few weeks.💛 ~Ingrid Langhorst

Joyce Marks's Hawaiian Landscape

Barbara Taylor

Her work in Progress

Here's what she had to say: Here is my comparison of my progress so far. I am looking forward to thread painting. Thank you for your excellent teaching in making art quilts, painting on fabric, overlays, working with colors and tone to accomplish what you want, thread, needles, mixing paints, use of mediums, making shadows, making things look shiny and anything else that I may have missed. Our group was international and so much fun to listen to others and learn!! Thanks to you and the whole group.

Vicky Butt

Roxane thank you so much for all your guidance and expertise! I am very happy with my outcome with my project even thou there were a couple times I wanted to give up… you gave me a gentle nudge to keep going! This was my first time using material paint and thread…. This will not be my last piece🙄 I enjoyed meeting ladies from all over the world and everyone had a different project. You gave us the freedom to give input!!! Thank you!